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Sample Tracks*

Baravan Set
Bad Moon Rising*
Thorn in my Side
Brenda’s Reel
Bring the Boys Home
Kenny Gillies Set
Fisherman's Blues*
Galway Girl
Maggie May*
Annie Mac Set*
The Gael

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 Outside UK £10 plus £3 postage

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Sample tracks *

1 Baravan Set
Boys of Ballymote (trad arr rhythmnreel) Ruaridh Macleod (Donald Macleod) The Famous Baravan (Gordon Duncan)
2 Bring the Boys Home
(Jim Kennedy)
3 Diplodocus*
Da Full Rigged Ship (trad arr rhythmnreel) Maggie's Pancakes (Stuart Morrison) Lauren McCowans (Simon McKerrell)
4 Riot Act
(Jim Kennedy)
5 Love Stone
(Jim Kennedy)
6 Mozart
Farewell to Camraw (Robert Mathieson) Mozart on the Rampage (David Barnes)
The Red Fox (Robert Mathieson)
7 Show of Hands*
(Jim Kennedy)
8 High Road*
Spootiskerry (Ian Burns) Barrowburn Reel (Addie Harper) High Road to Linton ( trad arr rhythmnreel)
9 Run and Hide
(Jim Kennedy)
10 Save Me 3:10
(Jim Kennedy)
11 Party Scene*  
Taybank Shenanigans (Ross Ainslie) Kissing is the best of A' (trad arr rhythmnreel) The Slovenian Chicken (Aiden O'Rourke) Party Scene (Ivan Drever)

rhythmnreel The Crossing

1. Alasdair’s Set  
Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife (Trad. Arr. rhythmnreel), Pipe Major Alasdair MacAffer (Catriona MacAffer) The Curlew (Donald Macpherson), The Glasgow City Police Pipers (P.M. Donald MacLeod MBE)
2. Galway Girl (Steve Earle)
3. The Conundrum
The Conundrum (Peter MacLeod Jun.), Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis (P.M. Donald MacLeod MBE) The Heights of Cassino (D Macrae)
4. Last Train Home (Dave Fleming)
5. See You Jimi
Drowsy Maggie (Trad. Arr. rhythmnreel), Zeeto The Bubbleman (Gordon Duncan) The Banshee (James McMahon)
6. Hector’s  
Hector the Hero (J. Scott Skinner), Maggie West (Mairearad Green)
7. Ride On (Jimmy MacCarthy)
8. Harvest Moon (Neil Young)
9. The Gael (MacLean/Maclean)
10. Jimmy Sinclair of Graemsay
(Debbie Ross)
11. Bad Moon Rising
(Live at Tulloch Castle, Dingwall) Bad Moon Rising (John Fogerty), The Rising Moon Reel (Dougie Pincock)

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Outside UK £10 Plus £3 p&p

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"This is an album filled with the energy and drive of a great live band and one which will be greatly  welcomed by their ever growing audience both at home and abroad"
Donnie Munro

rhythmnreel Celtic Rock rhythmnreel

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