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rhythmnreel appeared on the BBC1 series
'Monty Halls Great Escape' episode 4.

Here's an extract from his latest book regarding that night.............

'That night the marquee was to play host to the annual dance, an event of legendary intensity.  I helped Linda and Alfie as they packed away the stallholders tables, clearing a space for the festivities to come....

The sun slowly drifted towards the tree tops, and the temperature dropped as the first revellers appeared, many resplendent in Highland dress.  The band began to warm up, the beer flowed, and soon there was barely room to move in the fuggy atmosphere of the tent.  The band was called Rhythm and Reel, and consisted of the standard instruments one would normally associate with any band working the party circuit, with ageing rockers (lawsuit pending!) playing a bass guitar, lead guitar and drums.  There were, however, two notable additions.  Two girls were playing a fiddle and a set of pipes respectively, both with long, dark hair and the flashing green eyes of the true Celt.

As the band struck up, the fiddle and pipes created a completely irresistible combination, rising and pulsing over the main beat.  Maybe it was the strength of the beer, maybe it was the attractiveness of the ladies(..!), but I swiftly decided that Rhythm and Reel were simply the greatest band I had ever heard.  There wasn't really a dance floor, just a large section of the crowd that began to bounce and spin to the music, the pipes ricocheting around the confined walls of the marquee, energising tired limbs and demanding that everyone dance, regardless of age, fitness or sense of timing.  Modern songs were combined with traditional ceilidh tunes, with the occasional gross approximation of organised dances taking place, locals and tourists joining together to spin and jig across the marquee.

Rhythmnreel Rhythmnreel