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Born in Glasgow, Donnie hailed from a musical Island family from Harris and The Isle of Skye. Donnie's Grandfather was a piper in the Cameron Highlanders in WW1 and his father was accomplished in both the pipes and the fiddle.

His Uncle Archie Mackillop was an accordionist with the Fergie Macdonald Band. It was no surprise therefore that Donnie's first instrument was the pipes and as a pupil of the great John Burgess, he competed as a youth. After converting to drums Donnie played with various bands before joining Duncan Macgillivary (Battlefield Band) and Ian Macbeath (Black Donald Ceilidh Band) in "Ben Wyvis & The Last Resort".

Playing at home and abroad gave the opportunity to play with quality musicians who include Phil Cunningham, Malcolm Jones & Duncan Chisolm. At this time in the 80s, Donnie along with his father and uncle also played in hogmanay broadcasts for radio Scotland, and with Gaelic legend Callum Kennedy, as well as recording their Island style of "Ceilidh Music".

Donnie joined rhythmnreel in 2007 and after the initial shock of playing with the "Bad Boys" of Celtic Rock and playing at a 30,000 crowd festival in Holland, Donnie soon realised he was playing with a group of musicians that were as much friends as colleagues. Their mix of Celtic and rock music was both a challenge and a pleasure to adjust to. The different influences that the band members bring to the table are a real challenge but a satisfying result is always achieved

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